We had an affair, we got caught. Now he has no contact with me a since we got caught, no goodbyes, no closure?

I've been secretly having an affair with a guy for 3 years, we got caught but we got caught just having a cup of coffee late in the evening. Everything got exposed. We denied the affair and said that we were just good friends. My husband beat him up. I sent him messages secretly asking as I needed to know if he was OK. He never responded He has broken away from me totally. He didn't even say goodbye. I have no closure and I can't seem to get past this. I feel stupid each time I make an excuse to speak to him. Last call he spoke nicely and said he would call me back in 10minutes but didn't. I need closure or else I seem to be going out my mind.


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  • Isn't that enough closure? You got caught & your husband beat him up.

    Why would he want to talk to you?

    Over is over.

    What excitably are you looking for? Him to tell you that we got caught & it's over?

    • Thank you for your response.

      We had a relationship for 3 years. It wasn't just something by the way. There were feelings involved.........

      I think what I'm NEEDING to know is how he feels about everything ??? and what it is that he is feeling. Cause I have feelings too. Yes I do no what our relationship was wrong, but sometimes matters of the heart is something to can't control. You can't just decide one day you feel for someone and the next day you dont.........Im still going out of my mind

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    • Let it go.

      You are married, got caught & he got beat up. How do you think he feels about everything?

      I don't know why a goodbye would give you that closure. He didn't call back, so that's the end for him.

      I don't mean to be mean or rude but what do you think you should do? Risk another meeting?

      Talk to him & have him tell you what you already know? Do you want to be committed to your husband? What is it that you want to hear? Breakups for whatever reason are never easy. You know that he ......

    • Doesn't hate you. You can't make him talk to you or do you want him to get beat up again?

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