Will she ever regret breaking up with me?

Hi there everyone! I've had a relationship with a girl for almost two years. It was a really hard relationship cause it was hidden from her father. We were doing well, day by day we felt our bond strenghten. I was the only one guy that she ever loved, she had insecurities from past bad relationships, and i completely crumbled her walls. She truly loved me, and i can judge it from her actions. It was a really trustful relationship from both sides. And to be honest, she was not just a girlfriend to me, she was my soulmate. I loved her under the hardest circumstances of her life. I did things for her that no one could ever do, my actions spoke louder than words. Out of nowhere, she broke up with me since 3 months. The reason why is cause she ended up being exhausted from this 'hide and seek' relationship. To tell the truth, she's a walking anxiety. Tremendously anxious person. At the beggining she told me to give her space and time. The bad thing is, that i acted really bad. Although she asked me to give her space, i chased her, i begged her, i cried my soul out, and sometimes blamed her for lefting me to pieces. Day by day after the break up she wanted to cut contact even more. In these 3 moths of break up, when she's watching me moving on my life she gets jealous and drepressed. But when i try to contact with her she rejects me, i contacted with her a few days ago, in the beggining we started fighting, but at the end she was nice and sweet to me, i asked her if she wants me to call her again sometime soon. And she said yes but not so often. Also during the phonecall she mentioned that she likes someone but she lies, trust me i know when she lies. She wanted to tease me. Anyway, i called her again after a week and she just ignored my call all the day. Im mentally tired of this situation, so now i beggin to let her go... I will move on for serious now, but in the back of my head i will wait for her. Is there any chance she'll come back? ever after months.


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  • Even if she does, you don't deserve to be strung along in the meantime. You can love someone with everything you've got and it could still not work out because of circumstances out of your control. It seems to me as though she's realized this, it might be something worth considering for you as well. You'll find someone else!

  • No one but her can know if she's ever going to come back. But you deserve someone who takes care of you too. Always being the strong one in the relationship is exhausting. Do your best to move on. Try not to contact her. Find another girl who is willing to be there for you too.


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