Why did he go back to his ex girlfriend?

Long story short, my now ex boyfriend and I dated for a year and a half, throughout our relationship in the first year his ex was constantly being like "there's nobody like you, I still have feelings for you" and stuff like that, he told her to stop contacting him several times, and then one time she asked me to leave him so she could be with him, and then we both completely blocked her off of everything. Now that we've broken up, he all of a sudden started talking to her and spending all his time with her, she always posts pictures with him and stuff. And he cheated on her and that's why they broke up, him and I broke up because he kept lying to me and he wouldn't stop and I had enough. My friends keep saying stuff like "he's just with her because he knows she won't push him away like you pushed him out" but I don't know, why did he go back to his ex?
He always told me he loved me and never wanted anyone but me, and him and his ex broke up over a year before I dated him.. but then I found out he was lying a hunch and he got mad that I found out he lied and that I was mad at him for it, so he left me, not sure if that update helps more but


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  • He's lonely and he wants second best cause he can't have his first choice anymore. I would not take him back. He should have spent more time grieving over you.

  • He didn't want to go through the pain of losing you therefore he had to find a replacement that will entertain him for the time being. Guys tend to act as if eveything is absolutely great in their life after a break up but is actually not. He doesn't wanna go through the emotions that's why he had to use the alternative. Also, already knowing that you didn't like the ex getting back with her can mean that his trying to make you jealous and you shouldn't fall for it! And the ex was just easier for him to use.

    • Thank you, this helped a lot!

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