I annoyed my boyfriend, how do I reverse it?

Help please--my boyfriend was stressed with work. He had a big project and worked a couple of Saturdays overtime to get it done. I could tell he was stressed and tried to cheer him up, but instead ended up annoying him to the point where he needed a break. When he asked for a break I immediately went into no contact for three weeks. I was going to reach out to him after a week, but he deleted me off facebook, so I felt like I should give it more time. When I did reach out to him, all he said was "I don't think you should have to change". I asked him what he meant by that, but he never responded. How do you fix it when you've annoyed someone to the point of hating you? We have never had problems before, and I feel like we could get past this if he talked to me. But he won't.


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  • One word... sex. that will fix everything, spoken or unspoken.
    I can see how you'd end up annoying him, i dont see why he'd take a "break" though, unless it had been building up and your "cheering up" was the straw that broke the camel's back or the drop that overflowed the cup.
    Either way... sex is a fix-all.

    • I've run it over my head and I think it was a build up. I've been thinking of just showing up at his house for that reason (sex), but I don't want to be labeled the "crazy ex". The sex was amazing between us even up to the day I pushed him. That is one of the many things I actually miss about him. How would you feel if your girlfriend annoyed you so bad you asked for a break, and then you come home to her naked in your bed?

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    • If I New 100% that would work, I would totally do that!!

    • never know till you try... im telling you its a fix-all. take it or leave it.

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  • Only time will once he starts to miss you unfortunately


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