2 months since we broke up, is it my fault?

In October I did read his last text it and stopped texting him because he was cold

Then he snaped me a selfie I didn't view them until November and I said
hello, what's up?
he did read but didn't reply 😳😔 But days later he snapped me a selfie and 4 days later I snapped him a selfie back
He viewed it with no response

Now it's 2 months he was amazing caring what happened? I know he have anxiety issue but this is the first time. We were dating 7 month

is it my fault or his fault?


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  • well he's cold so you should already know what's up.

    response time is key, the fact that he snapped you or whatever and you didn't respond within a certain time frame probably made him question your intent.

    Especially the second time around. You msged him first then when he replies you respond 4 days later...

    He went from caring to cold... sure is looking like it's your fault right now bruhh

    • Oh I see, I tried to apply "the 30 days rule" A woman told us to do this but I wish I didn't lesson to her. It just destroyed our relationship I remember the last thing he said was "I want talk to you"
      So now I'm scared if he will ignore me again. He sounds in deep depression too.
      I'm thinking to Follow him on my new Instagram and just like his picture I hope that encourage him to text me
      What do you think?

    • Honestly, i can't say whether he'll respond to your approach.

      But if you want him back do it. It's better than doing nothing.

      Go for it, I wish you the best 👍

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  • This post is a little "all over the place..."

    • What?

    • You're asking if this is your fault. It went from you not replying to his text to waiting a long time to read and reply to his snap and then he didn't reply back. It's hard to form an opinion on little to no facts. But based off of what was said... I would say yes, you were at fault. Instead of not responding because you felt he was cold, you could have just said something to him or asked why he was acting like that. He reached out to you and you didn't respond before you didn't see it right away. Now he's not answering. Maybe he felt you lost interest. Either way... if you want a relationship to work... communication is key. Not via social media.

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  • I have no idea what you are going on about.

    • what a useless response for some xp

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    • read between the lines you must.

    • @blustar I literally can't. I have no idea what she was talking about other than selfies were taken

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