Revege BODY Getting back at a soon to be EX?

My boyfriend/partner has gone to his family telling them about me as we are meant to be getting married next year. He laughs at my dreams with his friends and family, making me feel like nothing. i LOST 85 POUNDS 5 years ago but slowly put it back on within 5 years as i didn't know how to maintain it. therefore I know its possible. He mocks me but when I like other guys he gets jealous. I just need advice for how i can prove him wrong? Any motivational speechs to get me started, at the end of my journey i dont intend on staying with him. As he is a controlling asshole. But I want revenge.


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  • I go with anon. You have no life. And clearly you lack self-esteem.

    Just leave him and have a healthier lifestyle. It's really not that difficult

    • Additionally childish revenge-plans just put you on a level of him aka you benig as much an asshole as he is.

  • Your doing all that shit for the wrong reasons why don't you start by not being a pussy and just leaving him?

  • just shows you've no life, other than your body

    • i'm a creative director and a university student asshole, just shows you have nothing better to do but to make hateful comments

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    • i bet you're not even pretty

    • Lol funny.

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