Is he cheating?

My boyfriend and I have been dating for about 3 months and recently he told me he had a twin, but he doesn't go to our school and a week ago on his Facebook status he put "I Love My Baby Crissy". Now I asked him who Crissy was and he told me his brother wrote that, but when I asked his brother he seemed as if he didn't know what I was talking about.[He was also smiling when he said it] I don't know weather he was being serious or not, but now I'm having second thoughts on weather my boyfriend is being loyal or not.


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  • That's pretty shady. He might be.

  • girl this happend to me , tha same thing;

    bt he told me that was for he's sister, I

    was so dumb cause I loved him I believed

    him, bt now ugh I hate him cause he got me into so much drama.

    Never believe any guy that says that cus there liers,

    hope every thing clears out! :)


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