How do I get over a 4 year relationship?


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  • keep yourself busy, stay engaged with family and friends, work, school you name it... it'll take time and a little determination


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  • Just like you get over any other relationship, but it will need a lot more time.

    Just keep doing things you enjoy doing. Hang out with friends. Don't be alone. Most importantly, DON'T get into a rebound relationship.


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  • You don't private you will always have memories of you two but eventually you will meet someone who makes you happy to where you stop overthinking it

  • Depends on how close you two were.

    • dated from junior year in high school got engaged at our graduation left for basic training a year later she wrote me in basic telling me she cheated on me and she wants nothing more from me.

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    • You are gonna hate this but time is your friend.
      Explore hobbies. Hell, I got a tattoo foot by foot, 1 week out, haven't regretted it.
      I and many others are happy to listen. There are also online support groups like Drinking Bros who are made up of military members, law enforcement and firefighters.

    • thank you man

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