Sometimes I wonder what great sin did I commit to get punished with do much suffering.. do you feel such a deep hurtful depression that nothing helps?

I just get random bursts of emotion where I feel so sad my stomach twists n hurts so bad.. ever painful memory resurfaces to mock n tease.. failure to fix and inability to undo make just wanna...


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  • Bro were you traumatized due to something? Don't forget that happiness as well as depression is just a state of mind and it is never harmful once you analyse the cause of depression.
    Hope is medicine for every depression.
    Your stomach hurts which shows that there exists an unresolved depressed energy within your subconscious mind. And we get to know our feelings through our bodies and hence those uncomfortable sensations...

    What makes you so depressed?

    • yeah there was some traumatic things that have happened, I just wanna forget them.. erase the memory or remove myself from this plane of agony...

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    • therapeutic videos?

    • Sadhguru is one of the popular wise man in my country as well as respected guru in many parts of world. Many people like listening him and he analysis it so perfectly.
      If you watch his videos which i will post later here... i think there could be light in your darkness

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  • I know better than most people that life is unfair but there's nothing you can do about it so I don't waste my time asking "why me?" or anything like that


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