Ex girlfriend left out of the blue/emotional and curious looking for replies?

She went on a family vacation and going through the airport she had a major panic attack also inside he runs in her family. Sunday came she was on edge and we got into an argument I tried to calm her down before she drove an hour away because I didn't want her driving emotional. A couple hours later she called me and texted me as I was at my son's soccer game and I couldn't respond right away so she got rude and real smart with me through text. I called her on the ride home and told her I was upset that she was being mean to me through text and I guess I did answer her like a smart ass. She hung up on me and that was the day that we broke up. Then a couple days later after she blocked me on Facebook and Instagram she was on my Instagram liking a couple posts. I drove to her moms place to return the necklace and figuring since so much time has passed we could have a talk, but her mom called the cops on me no charges filed against me basically I was told to not contact her. She has added about 500 guys on Facebook and Instagram and is constantly liking their photos. About two days ago she posted a Trent Shelton video about sometimes you need to love from a distance, and just because your relationship ends does it mean your life is over. She has always been an attention seeker she was before I met her and stopped while we were together and started right back up to how she was now. Even after everything that went down I can honestly stay I love her with all my heart I know we could work through things together and I really believe we are a very good fit for one another. Christmas is a week away and I really want to send her a gift. I guess I'm hoping the time away could benefit us and we could have a very positive future together. anyone's opinion on the relationship and a Christmas gift please let me know. she always said she was afraid I would abandon her and I turned out to be the one that got abandon.


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  • I always say that things happen for a reason. I know u love her but i think u should just let it be and move on. Maybe she was good for you but better is out there... Let her go

    • So don't send a gift for Christmas. It's hard to move on when she reaches back out in subtle ways. Your most likely right though

    • I would say save yourself the major heartbreak. If she continue to behave like this i doubt u will ever be happy

  • I also thing that you should move on but I also think that if you can ask what made her unset and why she was acting like that but if you were cheating on her she might of found out

    • I never cheated. We spent everyday together. Everyday for 10 months, lived together. She didn't have to pay for a thing. I am older than her and I have a 9year old with an ex of 14 years. My ex reached back out to me through email she saw. I couldn't do anything else to show her I chose her. I was planning to ask her to get married on Christmas. I tried to ask her, but she refused to talk to me. She wasn't mature enough to talk she just ran away. She just recently posted something about how you have to love from a distance and how relationships don't end your life you have to move on.

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