HELP? I don't know what I should do?

We were together for 2yr. he broke up with me May 6 my birthday. we didn't talk for 2w until I called him and told him I still love him no matter what. like I don't know if it was because I felt so alone I never gone so long with out talking to him. so he came over to talk.. and we sat in his car.. And before I said anything I saw his face and honestly he looked disgusted 😞 so I didn't say anything.. he spoke first ! He said "I don't want to talk about US". I said "well why are you here"
He said "Erica I don't love you anymore, I'll always care about you but this is it.. don't call me text me anymore we are done". And I cried so much like how could he just drop me like this.4 months later he calls me!. we went to dinner and talked. he said he missed me so much.. so NOW we are dating.. November, I bought him a dog as a surprise he always wanted one he was so happy he cried. he stayed the night with me and he told me to message his friend back for him and I noticed a girl in his FACEBOOK inbox. it was a normal convo untill I scrolled up. He was talking to her about having sex.. and wanting to give her booty rubs.. he talked to her the night before.. my heart sank and I just sat there.. and I told him to get out and he said why? I said "GO give that bitch a booty rub" and he was quiet as hell and I said WHAT IS THIS And he said BABE it's a joke. I SAID WHERE AM I LAUGHING at! I feel like a fool. I feel played and used. And he always would be so insecure to me right. Now I know why. He probably thought I was doing the same as he was doing. He always accused me of liking and talking to other people..


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  • omg.. this seems like a hard situation. I know when u love a guy ud do anything for him, but sometimes u have to put your self worth first. Remember, u were loyal, u were a nice girlfriend, u cared for him.. he did not how to give u all the love u deserve. It's his loss.

    Please if you need anyone to talk to , feel free to message me ! Just don't go back to him he's not worth your time. ANyone will be lucky to have u, and for now u have yourself

    • I feel so attached to him again like I really don't know how to let go

    • ya i understand how u feel.. I've been through a breakup but u can't force someone to love /respect u.. and you're worth more gurl ur beautiful and smart dont give it a second thought!

  • Break up, and move on with life. I know it is going to be hard, but you have to.
    Good luck. :)


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