How would you feel if you known your girlfriend or boyfriend had strong feeling for someone else?

i would like l both genders input. ok so you known your gf/bf never got closure from a ex and push them into speaking to that ex agin. And you could see just by watching them how much they cared for the ex. and you known if they won't dating you then they would have tried dating the ex bf/gf agin but pick you because they were happy with you. would you be ok with that? sorry for any spelling mistake American people
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  • It would bother me but not so much if he wants to be with her let him be I would want a guy to be with me and feels like that towards his ex girlfriend

    • would it matter if the person was his or hers first love? and what if he picked you but you known if he was dating anyone else other then you he would have dated the ex agin.

    • I wouldn't really feel that bad about the situation because it's his decisions and who am to come in between two people that truly love each other. He would be with me but his heart would be somewhere else

    • i see thank u

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