I'm having a complicated relationship with this girl and I need some advice. What should I do?

I dated this girl for a little under a year. Things were really good but for the past month I'd had been getting irritated with her for very little things. Recently she said she wanted us to be non exclusive in 1 month. That combined with all the other factors just put all of my feeling on halt. She asked about it and I told her the truth and there was a lot of talk about me crushing her spirit and that it was all my fault because I hadn't "tried" hard enough or something like that. Now it's been a couple weeks and I've regrouped myself and I Still have feelings for this girl. I mean they may not be as strong as they used to or could be but I still care about her. Recently though we were hanging with a group of people and she was a bit flirty but there was another guy and it felt like she was flirting with both of us but she seemed more interested in him. For example she was sitting next to me and then he sat down close and either he or she said something about them being a foot away and he said let's fix that and scored closer. She also took a picture of herself and refused to let me see for either something that was in the picture or another reason. Also another time she was sitting next to me she was leaning on me with her legs tucked together but when he got near she sat cross legged and put her legs on both of us. I want to know if I should just do everything I can to forget and move on. Or am I making things up? What advice do you have? What should I do about all this?


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  • You sayd that now your feelings are not as strong as they used to be. So in time it can actually go away completely if I were in your place id cut all ties with her


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  • This is your learning age in relationship matters. At your age, hardly people are serious about relationship and most of time it's just showbiz.
    Don't take this situation seriously. Girls at your age are mostly childish and more immature compare to guys.
    If she is attention freak, don't be surprised that she will leave you for another guy who she thinks might treat her better than you.
    At your age, most girls like being attention freak especially if she is popular. Neither boy or girl is going to reject new people in their life for relationship. And we are no one to tell anyone whom she must remain friends with or she don't.

    Under 20 world is full of glamor , games and surprises and meeting and making new friends. Girls have a lot of options and subconsciously searches for better men. Same goes for men too.
    You don't need to feel bad bro. You need to be confident in this times and overcome your insecurities related to women. Let her do what she wants but be clear to mention her what hurts you in a confident manner without getting angry or agitated.

    May be your relationship will fail at some point. Because lack of immaturity is normal at this age and breaking up of relationship/friendship due to insecurity is pretty normal scenario.

    You just need to be learner. Whether relationship /friendshipremains or not, you need to display to her that her activities or attention to other guys doesn't shatter your confidence.

    You have done your job by letting out your feelings to her. Now she knows it, so be satisfied that you tried from your side. Let that purity remain before the unsatisfaction of not being accepted by her agitates you, angers you and turning the feeling of love in to misery.

    Just don't be obsessed of being with her. Be practical. May be she is not right person for you.


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  • If she really like you she would keep you close. As hard as it sounds move on forget her. Maybe she'll come running around maybe she won't. But at that age, man you have a lot of learning to do. The world is yours. Remember that you have so much better ahead of you.

  • IMHO, she's lost interest in you and is playing games. Time to move on.


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