Girls, Which situation would be bit more awkward and sort of turn off?

To be in bed with a man who is absolutely smooth waxed neck to toe , waxed EVERYWHERE including Brazilian waxing and legs n arms as well...
To be in bed with a man who is absolutely very hairy man. He has LOT of hairs everywhere from neck to toe , somewhere it's lot of hairs and somewhere it's bit less hairs but he does have hairs almost everywhere. He hasn't even shaved his butt and pubes.

More of a awkward and turn off situation which you wouldn't want to be in?
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  • The smooth one would be a turnoff. I'm NOT gay. I don't want to feel like I'm sleeping with a girl with a penis

    • But the other man is overly hairy, you might feel you are sleeping with a beast. Feeling like you are sleeping with a girl with a penis is better than feeling like sleeping with a beast, isn't it?

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    • When you say "trim" it means closely cut small or just cut enough so that it's not long and wild?

    • the latter

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  • I'm gay. but would guess the smooth one. softer skin.

    • You are gay woman and still wouldn't like to be in bed with a totally waxd smooth hairless man?

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