Do we lack chemistry?

I dated my boyfriend for 5 months and thought he was the greatest thing since sliced bread but we really never got beyond making out occasionally... I thought this was odd but I chalked it up to being shy because I really liked him. (I'm not usually so good about self-control... I'm a healthy girl) Anyway he has been gone for 4 months and now that I know he's coming back I'm actually a little upset. I really REALLY care about this guy but it occurred to me today that I really don't enjoy anything physical with him (so odd for me). And it hit me... Do we not have any chemistry?

I think he's super cute, really funny, sweetest guy ever, and I feel like he suits me really well... However... I don't have an interest in him physically. He kissed me today and I was just thinking about work and errands that I needed to get done. It shouldn't be weird and uncomfortable right? I mean wtf?!
Do we lack chemistry?
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