How can I make him fall in love with me?

He's my ex, we are talking almost everyday and sometimes every 2days. I am still crazy about him. I don't know his feelings, he has been always iniating contact, we talk we had nice conversation but I really want him back. I feel like he wants me back too but how can we both do it? Please help me
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  • Be honest with him and ask if there is something there. Don't dwindle on something too long. when it comes to exs I always say hey a relationship with an ex is like a book you've already read, it has some good parts in the middle but you already know how it's going to end; but if you are determined then ask him. If he's not, there are others who will be happier with you.

    • I am afraid about his reaction, so I thought speaking everyday and giving it time will be a good thing than rushing thing up and ruining everything. What do you think?

    • Don't be afraid, you can't make someone feel for you, if he's isn't interested now after this time then he won't be. You can take a little bit more time with it, but don't waste your time when there are other guys out there who would be happy to have you.

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  • try to give him some hint that you are still missing him. Maybe remind him of something you guys used to do together. it's a really good sign that you guys are still so close. However dont rush, the right time will come :)

    • Yes this is actually what I am doing all the time, we still remind each other of moments we spent together and he tells me they were good memories.

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  • it sounds like he wants you back to. If he didn't he wouldn't been messaging you, if i was you i would just text him straight to the point asking what you guys are and if he wants to get back together. He's probably wondering the same thing.

  • ask him if he still has feelings for you.

    • I am not ready to ask that really but I thought about giving it some time and see how it goes from here.

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