Too soon post breakup?

hey guys and girls,

to sum it up, girl I'm semi-interested in broke up with her boyfriend of 4.5 years 3 weeks ago. we've been really hitting it off for the past few weeks and she's just genuinely good fun to chill with :)

i've got some people saying "it's too soon! remember it's only 3 weeks dude", but then I think, why bother waiting?

not necessarily looking for a relationship with this girl, just figure it's logical to act on how much fun I have with her.


cheers :)


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  • You might really like this girl but I personally think that 3 weeks is too soon. She was with the other guy for so long that she always had someone to fall back on or talk to or help her through everything. She might like you or you might just be a rebound relationship so she can have what she had before and have that guy with her. You need to give it some time and wait. Otherwise you might get really hooked on this girl and all she wants is to have someone there because she lost her other guy.


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