Guys, You're a guy in a relationship with a woman you love more than anything. You give up because you think she deserves more. Why?

I would like to try and understand some things in order to continue forward in action.
When depression hit my ex he told me that he wasn't worth it and literally vanished from my life no matter what I tried or did.
He talked to his friends saying I deserved better. This makes me feel physically sick, believing that everyone is equal. It is even worse knowing that he may think this.
What I want to do is to understand what could have been going through his head, and what might be now months later.
Regret? Is there anyway to reach him?


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  • If I'm 18 years old, and I don't want to be with someone and hold them back if all I want to do is just party and she has real life goals

    • He's super emotional and not the partying type though...

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    • Thank you hahaha xD Any tips on how to reach him?

    • Really acknowledge his "struggle" be glad for all he does..
      personally it's challenging to date that type but good luck

  • He might have done something and felt guility, or just had low confidence and self esteem issues


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