Boyfriend and financial trouble?

I have been dating this guy for 2 and a half years and it hasn't been going well...He cheated on me but I forgave him then a few months later he tells me he has a place for us to live but turns out he was living with other people with no job and didn't even plan to get one, then the people we were living with kicked us out and we spend the second year of our relationship in and out of other people's homes and homeless shelters, now we're living in a hotel and the only person that will let me stay is my brother who lives in another state and he said I could live with him but if I do move with my bro I don't think I will be with my boyfriend anymore when I told him that the got upset and he told me he would kill himself if I left him. I can't live like a bum anymore I had it all but I left it to be with him because I wanted to be with him. When I was making money to support us and he was making less he wasn't supportive at all he was talking about having threesomes with other girls and when I tell I'm that he doesn't want to hear it! I know it was so dumb to listen to him but I was naive and I wanted to move out of my mother's as soon as possible I think the more I listen to him I will end up on the street...What should I do? And please I already know it was stupid for giving up my life for him.


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  • What should you do? Leave your "boyfriend" ASAP. He does not care about you other then when he wants to use you.

    If you can, just leave one day and go and live with your brother. Don't tell your boyfriend you are leaving and don't tell him where your brother lives. He will just continue to try and manipulate you if you try to end the relationship with conversation.


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  • stop wasting more time with this loser and leave


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