Me and my girlfriend broke up a few days ago.


Me and my girlfriend were together for a year and a half. She lived 4 hours away from me when we first started talking.. And so I moved in and we had a baby together, which was the best 43hours in my life.

We broke up because I couldn't get my ass in gear. I understand that. (we're still living together but I go back to where I came from originally very soon.)

She's now talking to some guy, and has been during the time together. I then find out that she's going to be meeting him and he's going to be coming over, which I did not agree with.

She's been saying they're just friends and so one day.. I see a text message from him I read it. It starts with - "Hey gawjus, how are you baybee?" and ends with - "I can't wait to see you, I love you. xxx" and so by that point, I'm reading the texts she's sending him. and it's the same. since then, I've kicked off almost everyday.

And today he came around. soon as I saw him I was annoyed. I kicked off, throwing a controller at the wall. slammed doors.

I keep getting these mood swings ever since I found out they were talking.

Someone send me some advise :) please.



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  • You need to leave ASAP or it's just going to get worse.


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  • First of all try to calm down or take a break your mood swings are just making things harder I know it might be hard to control but try. Also if you want to try and get back together with your girlfriend talk to her calmly and tell her how you feel about her, try to be very sweet and understanding and also explain to her that you are trying to change.


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  • get outta there man! I'm sorry but she has been more than "friends" with this guy for loger than you've thought. its a harse reality but its true. your son or your daughter is way more important than what she is doing. be there for the kid but not for her. if she can bring some other guy into a situation like that so quickly than she is not worth it. your better than that man.


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