How do I get my ex girlfriend back?

Me and my ex have dated twice already. The first time went great and ended pretty well (she broke up with me to focus more on school). The other reason she broke up with me is because her family always told her she could do better. She started talking about how she felt like she screwed up by breaking up with me and brought up the idea of us dating again recently and I was happy, but unsure. After giving it some thought, we started dating again. She seemed happy, but said she wanted to keep it between us to see if it would work out, which I agreed to. Things started off well, but she started ignoring me a couple weeks into the relationship. I kept trying to ask her what was wrong, but I never got a sure answer (it was usually "idk"). I couldn't take her ignoring me anymore so I broke up with her, which I deeply regret now. At first, I thought she just hated me, but now I realize that I was the complete opposite of who I was during the first relationship. I was boring the second time. I used to be inappropriately funny, which she said she didn't like, so I started acting mature. I really want her back because she means a lot to me and has helped me through some tough things. I also feel like she makes me more motivated to succeed. What should I do to get her back?


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  • I'm sorry to say this but it doesn't sound as if she's the one. It sounds like she made you a better person but did you make her one? i can only go on what you've put but sounds like she likes you from a distance when she's got you she becomes less interested and also sounds like as long as her family will disapprove she won't ever want to go public.
    You went as far as changing a part of yourself in the relationship for her as she told you she didn't like that part of you and doesn't sound as if that was enough. I'm not saying she's a bad person or anything it just doesn't sound as if it's the right time for her or that she even knows what she wants. My advice is to focus on making something of your life not for anyone else but for you. She needs time and space to work out her own life and wants. In the mean time I wouldn't wait around for her but I'd move on and Look for a girl that brings you up and makes you a better person but also a girl that you can bring up and make a better person too as it needs to be a 2 way thing. Its hard when you truly care for someone to move on from them but you just mind find the grass is greener.

    • I just thought that if I went back to being the guy she liked the first time we dated, things would work out better, even though she said she didn't like the way I was back then. Maybe if I become that person, but toned down a bit.

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    • I kinda think deep down she might actually appreciate me for me but she doesn't know how to express it. I also think she doesn't know exactly what she wants because she's always stressed. I'm probably just gonna have to play the waiting game until summer like last time. Even though what I'm saying is kinda going against your advice, I really appreciate you taking the time to try to help me. Thank you so much.

    • No problem. Hope it works out for you

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  • move on already, she's my girlfriend now

    • I'm pretty sure she's not into guys who spend their entire day watching hentai.

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    • I'm done dude, I actually have work to do tomorrow. I hope you have a nice life.

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