Have you ever been "dumped" by a person you really loved? How did it feel? What did you do afterwards? How much time did it take you to move on?


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  • 2 years and counting!! It hasn't been easy, and I'd much rather a "dump" than the silence that occurred instead.

    And I haven't done anything special, immediately after, I just was sad. I cried.. a lot, listened to a ton of Kpop with sad lyrics and tried to get through the day mate. It was tough.

    • Would you get back with her if she proved she's worth it?

    • I have been asking myself that question for some time now... like truly I have.

      And I think I would. I have my inner thoughts that some time are angry and say fk her, how could she do this kind of thing. But I know overall I love her, and would probably go back to her in a heartbeat mate.

    • So she never tried to get back with you?

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  • Yep I have. It was the most horrific thing I've ever been through but it has made me the person I am today. I spent the weeks after just spending as much time with my family and friends as I could and I didn't speak with my ex until I was completely healed. It took me about 2 and a half months to completely move on.

    • Just two and a half months? I'm glad it didn't take you longer. I've been struggling for a year now

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    • Did he try to get back with you?

    • Yep, he did. And I fell for it and he ended up just using me for sex. Biggest regret of my life was getting back with him. But it did give me the strength to not want to be with him anymore which made it a lot easier for me to let go and move on.

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  • 3 years ago... she was russian, cossack, we wanted more but she decided a long distance relationship is too hard for her
    ... although i had to take the bus and spend 30 hours on it, go through eastern ukraine warzone, sometimes in freezing cold... but i did love her so all of that was nothing compared to her soft lips and those beautiful eyes

  • 2 years


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  • It took me two years to move on, but I still feel emotional when I think of the breakup. He broke up with me in a hurtful way. He told me out of the blue that it was over. He said it wasn't going anywhere. ( I thought it was 😞) I asked him if he'd found someone else and his response was to send me a photo of him with another girl , huddled up closely on a night out together. I was broken hearted. I cried for months. I sobbed and sobbed uncontrollably into my pillow every night. I think it took so long to move on because of the way he ended it. It was so unexpected because I thought things were going great. I got angry at myself for not seeing it coming. After the pain he caused me I realised why they name hurricanes after people's names. He totally destroyed me in every way


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