Is it possible to get a third chance?

Me and my ex broke up and got back together six months later, dated for four months and everything was great except I checked his emails and he broke up with me to "teach me that I can't look through people's stuff".

I hadn't contacted him after the break up but then he IMed me asking me to call him sometime. To me that seems like he's just being nice because if he really wanted to chat wouldn't HE CALL ME? I don't want to call him, because I think he should call me. He won't get back together unless he thinks I've learned my lesson WHICH I HAVE I will NEVER look through his stuff AGAIN! That wasn't the first time but it was definitely THE LAST FOR SURE! How do I show him that I have learned my lesson when he does try to contact me? And when will he finally call? It's been over a week.
P.S. I appreciate girls commenting HOWEVER I really only want a guy's opinion because it's hard to really take female advice seriously, no offense.
He did call. We hung out actually. He asked me to stay the night which I reluctantly did... it took A LOT of convincing on his part (although I realize I should NOT have done that). However he's still reluctant. Is he using me? He said he luvs me


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  • just be yurself. it sounds like the second breakup wasn't exactly a breakup. more of a time out kind of thing. you can't really show him you have learned yur lesson unless you construct some kind of situation where you don't look through just say be yurself when you hang out with him. and who knows when he will call. that's where you might have to get the ball rolling

    • He did call, we hung out and we had an amazing time. No serious talk just fun. I totally did not go through his stuff and he trusted me enough to let me stay the night. However, if we're not in a relationship is it ok to cuddle/kiss? We have been together for four years almost! No kissing is hard to do.

    • Yeh, you probably shouldnt have stayed the night. that kind of sends him the wrong message. it makes him think that yur willing to do a lot of things with him, which depending on yur situation, could be what you want, or not.

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  • no, its gg for you


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