Long distance relationship?

I recently broke up with my long distance girlfriend whom I met on Internet. She was the first who told me that she has feelings for me and after seeing her I also felt in love with each other. But we had fight almost every day and on ridiculous issues. She was angry very easily and every time I have to spend a great among of time to make things clear to her because she didn't think clearly when she was angry. Despite of the fact that I couldn't forget that she told me that I was the first boy in her life and after searching a lot I found it to be true. Since we had differences and I could not found any common ground to connect with her I thought to move away as she easily got jealous if she found I talked to any girl or if she found that I was in a group where there are lots of girls. I swear I never cheated but she won't allow me to talk much. But as she was the first girl in my life too there is not even a single day when I don't miss her or think about her. I want to message her but I am afraid she will not respond because it's been 3 weeks and both of us have been silent. Should I talk to her or should I let her go?


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  • your first love is always the hsrdest, but that is a very unhealthy relationship. always getting angry over little things you do, is controlling. let her go.

    • U r right and thank you for your opinion but it's so hard to forget her. especially when I came so close to her as I have never been to anyone else.

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    • you'll find her, don't worry :)

    • Thank you and I hope too that it happens soon 😊

  • LDR's rarely survive the distance. They are too difficult to maintain.

    In most LDR's insecurities surface and trust issues develop. Which eventually destroys the relationship. The cause of it is, because people crave to spend time with you , so start to get jealous of people who can spend quality time with you in real life. While all they have is texts and video calls. That's not enough to maintain a relationship. It can't progress to a deeper level

    I believe love is worth fighting for but not if you're the only one fighting to make it work. She'd need to change her outlook and control her jealousy or the relationship won't last.

    Relationships can only be salvaged through communication and a change in past behaviour


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