Says he doesn't love me yet says I am his best friend and that he is still sexually attracted to me!

He told me the other day he doesn't love me, yet he is around me all the time and constantly holding me, hugging me, touching me. I told him I can't stand being around him because I am hurt and that I do not want to see him anymore. He then states I am his best friend and that hurts him that I say that. Why is he doing this to me and how do I make him understand if he doesn't love me he needs to leave me alone...


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  • ur cute


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  • Tell him - "If you don't love me you need to leave me alone".


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  • This is what you say to him;

    "I have no problem with you doin you. You are young, single and you want to see that is out there. I have no right to stop you from wanting what you want. But what I want for myself and for my future . I want a someone who will step in and be the husband I want him to be and the father he will need to be when we are ready for a family. Now the fact that you don't want those things right now, doesn't make you a bad person. Your a good person. So go do you. I'm gonna step and if you ever come to the realization that you want those same things too, call me. If I'm available..."

    Then walk away and mean it. If you don't he won't believe a word you say. You have to be strong and if he sticks around you know he loves you. If he doesn't well by then you may not even want him him anymore.

    Good luck to you.


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