Feel very depressed and heartbroken about this girl dumping me?

There is this girl who i met online and she lives in a different state from me unfortunately. When we first met everything seemed to be going well and everything although there were times when we would argue and she would tell me she didn't want to talk to me for a while. I am 22 male virgin and never had a girlfriend before and i thought that this girl was my first. Me and her had our ups and downs we talked about sex but she would get annoyed whenever i would ask her to always do certain stuff to me during sex and also she has a short temper and gets mad at me over little things. Despite that we would settle our differences and start talking again but then go back to arguing again. She even told me recently that i was full of shit but never told me what i said that upset her. Yesterday we were arguing over text and she told me she didn't think things would work out between the two of us. She was upset because she claimed i was being selfish when i asked her stuff that had to do with sex. She told me before she would take a trip to visit me but i feel like now she won't cause now she is mad at me. I kept texting her telling her how sorry i was and how much i really want her but its no use. Also i told her how jealous i was about her going down on another guy before she met me. It made me feel kinda bad she did that to him but probably wouldn't do it to me. Overall im just really depressed about her not talking to me. The last thing she told me was she wanted to fall off the scene for a while and she thanked me for all the nice things i said to her and claims she loves me and that was it. I dont feel any love from her anymore and now i feel like I've been dumped. Its hard to move on from this i feel like complete garbage right now and i just dont know how to move on from this. I know i may have been wrong for some of the things i said but i just want her to at least give me another chance. I really miss her now and its been a whole day since I've heard from her now :(


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  • You have ONEitis.

    Get over it.

    There are millions of women on this planet.

    • Its hard to get over her man. I feel like i won't find no other girl

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    • She was very attractive and told me things that no girl has ever told me... nice things

    • Listen.

      You can't be serious right now.

      You've never even met this "woman".

      Woman are replaceable! Never let a woman define you.

      Work on yourself as a man first. You will naturally attract women to you.

  • learn from your mistakes and yeah tell her you are sorry and prove her you value her more and you are not selfish and stop overthinking


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