Why are girls needy?

should I daily talk on phone or share all my day today mundane things. isn't there a relationship without this


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  • I wouldn't call that being needy, I call that caring about a person's day. Being needy is constantly texting, and bombarding them with calls and constantly wanting to spend time. Enquiring how a person's day has gone isn't needy.

  • Maybe you didn't get on with her during conversation... what else did you talk about apart from boring job and day tasks?

    • nothing, i dint have anything so important to share. And I like sexchats a lot , but I stopped them too because it may make her feel that sex is the only thing I care about

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    • I talk about these things:

      *we have a massive supermarket infront of us and people always do stupid things and police always comes there - so I point out to my partner hey look the police again

      *we talk about what food to cook, we always do it in advance

      *we plan to go resturants

      *we plan holidays

      *we discuss presents to get each other or other people

      *we talk about makes us unhappy

      *talk about how horrible work is lol

      *talk about philosophical things like are we real is there a God etc this one can last us a long time

      *sometimes we just cuddle on the floor in science and appreciate each other :-)

      *share our fears, goals,

      *talk about how costly weddings are hahaha

      *talk about political situations of our country

      *talk about funny questions I answered online

      *compliment each other

      *we love music so we always talk about music, :-)

      *talk about how hard we have life

      *talk about if had children we would struggle

      *sometimes I paint or sketch so we discuss my artwork

    • Silence not science lmao but we do talk about science cosmetics, how male and female roles have changed etc etc lol

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  • But siiiiiiiiir you know they want your attention or need your love. They are needy cause they feel comfortable around your big head. It can be annoying and that leaves room to have nothing to talk about. If it's bothering you. Of course co front the issue saying that you'll be busy doing this and this and this. If she can't understand then oh well.

    • It's was a recurring thing in all. my relationships , i don't know what to talk... what's there to talk 😢

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    • So, be the guy who wants to attract the girl you want. If you like laid back, smart and nerdy girl for example you gotta be the same way and approach her too.

    • Yup, yes sir.

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