My boyfriend wants to break up with me because he doesn't feel anything anymore?

Help. My boyfriend of over a year and 2 months just told me he wants to break up with me because he "doesn't feel right' anymore. Our relationship has been amazing up until now. Help? Advice? Why do guys suddenly feel "tired" of being in a relationship after an entire year.

I don't understand how you would suddenly fall out of love. I feel like jumping off a cliff :(


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  • maybe he wasn't really in love and he was in the relationship for his own selfish reasons and they were fulfilled or didn't need to be filled anymore? If he doesn't feel right.. give him some space to figure out what's right. In the end you'll know what's right by his actions and if it's not right you'll find someone else that is.

  • Maybe, he just needs a break & time to clear his mind, or like he thinks you might of gotten to "bossy" or just like maybe he thinked you changed. Or maybe he likes someone else... I hope I helped. If anything just sit & talk to him about it.


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