Boyfriend of 5 years and I broke up?

Okay I'm going to try and make this extremely short. My boyfriend and I were together for 5 years. Near the end everything was fine -- we were making plans for our futures together (moving in, getting married, moving to a different city, etc.). We got into a small fight the day before we broke up and we didn't talk to each other. We had plans for the following day and I showed up only to have him telling me to get out because we were done.

Anyway. We talked for about a week and it mostly consisted of me begging and trying to fix things. I thought we were making progress but then a week after that he was telling me that he doesn't need me or want another relationship with me as he had me someone else. This girl is 4 years younger than us as well as the complete opposite of me. No contact has been in place for almost a month now. He's contacted me once asking for his stuff (consisting of his favorite childhood toy) back about a month ago and I never responded.

He hasn't brought this new girl up to his family much (which is odd considering he's a big mommas boy and was upset when I couldn't attend family functions because his family is that important to him) but has asked his mom about me a few times. As well as pointed out to her, and I quote "she used my favorite picture of her as her profile picture".

Yesterday was my birthday. He didn't bother to wish me a happy birthday however he looked at my snapchat story (when we broke up he made a new account and didn't add me so he's using his old account to look at my story).

I don't know if I'm looking too far into this or if he's starting to miss me.


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