Why do ex boyfriends avoid ex girlfriends they have been with for a while?

Please don't right he is a ex for a reason, please. Give more insight. need help.

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  • That girl knows a lot about him and it is just awkward. Girls that are ex's act in a variety of ways but there are true stereotypes. The ones that want to make his life hell, the ones that hate his guts and avoid him, the overly needy ones, the ones that says private information about them as a couple...

    Very rare is there a ex that has a neutral/positive influence in a guys life. Ex's are the cobwebs in our attic.

    • Nice, but say that the girl wants to speak with him again and try to bury the past, how do a girl approach the guy about it, but he unblocks her on aim.

    • Text him, call him, find him somewhere in public. AIM isn't going to cut it here.

  • I wanted to marry my ex.. we discussed our future childrens names.. I mean serious. She dropped me like a rock. If I saw her out.. I wouldn't even make eye contact with her, let alone speak to her.


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