How can I make a relationship work when I'm constantly over seas?

so for the past four years I've been working all over the world and I've meet some girls when I'm on leave but they all ways wanna be friends or end up cheating on me any suggestions on how to make it work?


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  • sorry but you won't have a stable/serious relationship if you keep having a work like the one you're doing

  • When you ind the right one, she'll stick with you no matter what. That, or offer to take them with you maybe

    • that's good advice but unfortunately I can't as I'm in the forces and is there really a right one?

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    • Well when you meet this girl in the future, remember that I said this lol :)

    • yeah I will thank you

  • Your a bit young it becomes easier when your older and people are ready to put all their eggs in one basket... distance tends to matter less when your ready to settle down.


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