How long would you say is a normal amount of time to get over someone leaving you?

So this girl I really, really liked left me about 6 and a half months ago without telling me why basically just ghosted me. She was the first girl I had ever been with so I've never been through heartbreak before to know what is a typical amout of time to get over someone. However, I feel like I'll never get over her. The first few months were really bad where all I wanted to do was lay around and think about her. The past few months have been better but still I think about her multiple times everyday and am still sad about it even if I try to act ok around others. So my question is is this normal to take this long to get over someone or should I be over her by now? Also if anyone has any similar experiences or advice that'd be appreciated.


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  • Tbh I was inlove with a ex for 3 years and I got back with him after so I can't really say how long but all I can say is after the first couple of months I never really got over him , I just found ways to distract me but at night it course it's going to always come back. Find a hobby

    • I do have hobbies and classes to keep me busy but you're right, at night or when I'm not doing anything I almost always think of her. Did it work out when you got back with your ex? Was it awkward at all? I'm holding out hope that maybe she will change her mind and want be with me again but I know that doesn't always go well

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    • Lol no it's fine and we prob had like 3 sentence convo every 4 months and he would be very closed and at one point almost 8 months went by and he would not reply to any of my text or calls even cursed me out a couple of times but I just couldn't leave him alone... in the end we ended going to the same hs and I guess he felt like he could reach out to me and eventually started open more and more up till he had feelings for me again

    • Ok this gives me a little hope that maybe something could happen down the road. Unfortunately we won't be going to the same school or anything like that so I'll have to hope to reconnect another way I guess. I appreciate you sharing your experience :)

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  • How long were you with this girl? They say that it usually takes half of the amount of time you date someone to get over someone. So far, it's been pretty accurate for me. The first couple of months are the hardests

    • I thought that would be about the amount of time it took its been much longer. The actual official romantic relationship was only a little more than a month. We were acquaintances and then friends for a while before that though and I had been interested in her for a while. I think part of it may be because she was the first girl I ever dated but still I just can't fully get over her and wonder if I ever will.

    • Yeah... that's a tough one... have you made contact with her? Have you asked her on a friendly date to coffee or lunch to just talk it out? I know it really sucks, but sometimes still being involved in each other's lives and being close is much better than being far away thinking "what if"

    • Yeah I've tried. After I rerealized she was not talking to me any more I tried multiple times over the next month but she wouldn't talk. We didn't have a fight so I'm not exactly sure what her reasons were. I haven't tried contacting her since that first month because I just gave up, but I feel like if I tried now it may just be an extremely awkward situation all these months later. I mean going from being so close to feeling like strangers for all this time I just don't know if any kind of relationship (romantic or friends) could ever happen without being awkward. But you are right I would like her in my life, but I just don't think she wants the same for some reason. I've been hoping she would reach out to me some point but she hasn't which makes me think she is just over me just like that, while I'm sitting here still thinking about her all the time.

  • It takes about a year if you really really liked the person. Time is your best friend in situations like this. Just learn from this experience so you'll never be fooled by a girl again

    • Yes I have learned some things and realized some things I could have done differently and will do differently next time. The thing is I worry I won't find someone I like as much as her and that she won't ever give me a chance to talk to her again.

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    • Well I'm not sure if I should give up on her. I don't want to give up on her because I still like her. However, I'm not sure she still likes me considering she just stopped talking to me all of a sudden and hasn't talked to me at all since then. I get what you are saying about pretending to like someone else but the thing is we don't go the same school or anything and I've literally not been in the same building as her since she left me, so she would never see me. So I don't know, I'm trying to think of something else to do but I have no idea.

    • Upload photoa of. You and some girl

  • Depends on how invested your feelings are.
    Some people you never get over.

    • I was pretty invested, I liked her a lot. The relationship wasn't that long but I really liked being with her. She was also the first girl I dated so that could be part of it I guess.

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