Is there any hope left?

So my girlfriend of a year and I have been going through a rough patch... she asked me for time and space and I didn't react well to it. I thought she wanted to break up with me right then and there, but turns out she just wanted time to think and whatnot.
She's moving out of State for an amazing job and I couldn't be more proud of her! We came to the conclusion about me moving over there once I finish some business here. (This has been going on for about a month now, and we finally figured out what we would do as a couple.) Thing is, now after giving her a few days of thinking and time to herself, she decided we have to break up and "just be friends..." after talking about it and knowing that we both love and care deeply about each other, she gave me the chance to remain in a relationship with her until she leaves the State... I have 3 weeks left with her before we part our own separate ways... within these three weeks we have Christmas, New Years, and my birthday coming up... after that, she leaves. I honestly don't know what to do... I have only these 3 weeks left with her to be happy together, but how can either of us be happy when we know that the date of our permanent breakup is approaching? Yeah, I get the fact that she wants to end things on good terms, but I don't want to be just her friend. There's a lot more to it than just friendship. I obviously want to continue our relationship, even if it's long distance for a while. In my opinion, distance doesn't mean anything. We have all the necessary technology to make a long distance relationship successful. We love each other, and I don't know what to do or tell her... is there any hope left? Is there anything I can do during these next few weeks of holidays and celebrations? Any advice will help. I really appreciate all of the comments beforehand!


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  • We live a life in which we can't guarantee the next second. God forbid you can die tomorrow vefore all these events, so the trick is to taste the momebts while it lasts. You go ahead and spend the three biggies in the best way you can. make sure you will remember and cherish it forever.
    imagine you have 3million and you are gonna loose it in three weeks.. will you stay crying about it or will you make the best of the three millions in the time u have remaining?

    • Good point. It's just sad that my relationship has an "expiration date"

    • Who knows, the effort you put in might give you an extension period. best of luck brother.

    • Thanks man! I appreciate it.

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  • She's giving you three weeks that's plenty of time! You need to do everything you would want to do if this was the last three weeks of her life! Then start discussing your thoughts on long distance also for how long would it be? She might just not want to put you through the torture

    • Right. I see her and she is sad. She looks differently at me now. It's hard.

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    • Yeah sure will! And I'll ask for sure! We have really good communication. It's the deadline that has me a bit tense. But yes I agree with you in making the best out of it.

    • Ok that's great and thanks for checking it out hope it works out for u!

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  • Hope is a prison. It will keep trapped in your thoughts and steal your ego and pride.

    • I guess that could be true.

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    • Lol it's all good! I mean... lesbians also exist and we do have real relationships haha

    • Yea I know one of my Friends is a lesbian I just feel bad because I should've realized when commenting

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  • You can jus make her realise how much she means to you. Its not gonna fix everything magically but may be she will rethink about the breakup. You can't do much except make some good memories of these days. Jus live it fully. If you keep thinking about the deadline you won't be able to enjoy these days with her. You can't force someone to be with you. But you can make them realise, you worth more

    • That's very true. Thank you so much for taking the time to read this :)

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