Is it possible to win my ex's heart back? He's a tough cookie?

Well to start things off.. I don't usually play the chaser so our break up and how I acted was quite the experience for little ole me. We ended shortly after he had to move to another state and he met someone new in an instant it was to be expected he's a straight 10. He made weekly calls which only turned to a toxic relationship that soon ended. Few months passed and he still lingered on my mind, I started going through our old insta DM's and accidentally liked a picture he got the notification and contacted. He seemed relieved.. he thought I hated him or never wanted to speak him again. We began talking and it seemed like our love had rekindled.. I even received closure a tell all to why he broke things off with me and it turned out to check out with the well thought out explanation I came to well before our convo. Anywho he couldn't seem to break things off with his local girl I told him to choose and he blanatly told me he wanted the best of both worlds. Now here comes the dark part through out this experience I let myself go and fell into a pretty deep depression, he returned home and things were different he told an old mutual friend that it seems like "I don't care about myself anymore." It's now my senior year and I've gone from most likely to be a modern day hourglass shaped model to a 260 pound hermit. I want to get better though I'm starting therapy hopefully soon and I'm trying to make changes to my everyday life and eating habits. More than anything it's hard for me to accept defeat when I really want something and at one point I thought me and this guy could conquer the world. He's a tough cookey, hard exterior but soft on the inside and you would've never know unless you were me. He shared a secret with me long ago that I've always kept close, right then and there I thought I'll love him forever and never hurt him. CONTINUED ON PIC ATTACHMENTS 2500 words total please read and write back thank you..Is it possible to win my ex's heart back? He's a tough cookie?Is it possible to win my ex's heart back? He's a tough cookie?


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  • It's never too late, unless it's said in such words.

    • Optimistic I like it, thank you โค๏ธ

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    • It was so charming I had to. No problem

    • Me, charming?
      That's a first lol

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  • Ok, you've had your heart broken. Join the club. I know it's not easy but life goes on. The first thing you need to do is to reclaim your self respect. Sitting in a dark room and gobbling down Haagen Daz ice cream while your weight balloons up is self-defeating. The only way you are going to be happy is to start being happy with yourself. Knock off the bad eating habits and start exercising to blow that weight off. You're only 18 - you have your whole life ahead of you and your ex isn't the only man on this planet. The new year is almost upon us. Make a resolution to get back in shape and regain your self respect. You'll feel both mentally and physically better if you do so.

    • Sheesh well thanks, sad I had to hear this from a complete stranger

    • You asked for the cold hard truth...

    • No yeah thank you

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  • You really love this guy,, hmm,, "if it's meant to be it's meant to be" lol, best wish, hope you get him back ~๐Ÿ™๐Ÿป


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