I love him please I need help I don't know what to do or think. ? Sorry my phone is messing up?

Me and this guy started talking Dec.2014 he got locked up and called me 1 day. Well he end up getting sent to this program and told me he wanted to be with me. We go together in 2015. He got kicked out of the program and went to jail. He got out of jail an went back a few weeks later. We thought he was going to get out but he got sent to prison instead. He's been there for over a 1 1/2 (Drugs drinking theif forgery ect) Well as we stayed together he started to change because I told him I can't be with you if you don't stop all of that. As the time went on. Found out he lied to me for 9 months. During that time he put me down, went off on me, called me every name in the book, told me I was a bad girlfriend etc. But I still stood by his side cause I believed in him an he was going through a lot (granted I was mean to him to sometimes) but I helped up lift him an let him know he's better then all of that. Sept 2015 he finally started to change and got into god. After about 2 months he gave his life to god (I was so happy you don't even know). But I started to realize I was getting weak after holding the relationship together for so long. I wanted him to help me to get to where I was. I stopped reading the bible and going to chuch befor I met him. But I still believed just as much as I did befor. He put me down for that, said I wasn't doing good enough to go to heaven when I die. He told me he makes the decision on everything that I don't have the final say. Told me if I don't follow his rules he will leave me. Made fun of my job, because I work with disabled people. Pretty much says I'm wrong, says I'm not on his level. When he was at his lowest I never said he wasn't on my level. I was trying to help him get to my level but he drops me like I'm nothing. But other then that, we always did get along we like a LOT of the same things. We just have a couple of different views on things and he chooses to see the negatives stuff. There's more I wanna add but don't have room!


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  • Only had to read to the part about him going to jail/prison.

    Stay away from this LOSER.
    Go find a nice guy or a homeless guy anyone other them him.


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  • He made fun of a job that involves helping disabled people. How can he call himself a christian?


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