Why would my ex husband that is now remarried try to find what I'm doing and keep tabs on me?

Our kids are grown and over 18 - we have no reason to even talk anymore. He has tried twice now. First time I just sloughed it off and didn't reply but then he asked me about another part of my schedule. I quickly brought up my trainer and how hard he works me etc to get him to go away since we were at work. I'm like dude you are remarried you don't need to be talking to me women don't like the ex being around trust me. I know.


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  • Stop talking to him and he won't keep coming around. Him maintaining some interest in you does not necessarily imply that he still has a flame for you or wants to rekindle anything from the past.

    • He has no reason to talk to me and I made my thoughts on the matter clear. I don't engage him in conversation at all. He starts trying to talk to me

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    • My only problem is I try to be polite because we work together and have to be careful. Also keep peace for the kids. yes I have told him he needs to stay away. So it isn't like I haven't made that clear to him. Using another man and telling him about someone im not involved with seemed to be the only thing that pushed him away. But again this entire scenario reminds me why I don't ask questions here much. Unless I go into grave details assumptions are made and well opinions are useless. Older yes wiser is a stretch. Have s good life

    • If you don't provide all the details, people will make assumptions to fill in the blanks. You are old enough to understand that.

      Older and wiser, as my profile states, refers to the fact that I am older and wiser than I was many years ago. It does not mean that I think I am wiser than anyone else.

      Sometimes you must be rude to people to get them to leave you alone. You are at that point with this guy.

  • Why do you care?

    • Why did you ask that

    • Because he's a married ex. Why didn't you continue to ignore him?

  • personally I don't think you could of made it more clear to him that he don't need to be talking to you and as you're children have grown up there isn't really much of a connection there unless he still wants to be friends with you


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