Should my friend tell my ex? she feels like deceiving someone her?

so i asked one of my friends too speak to my ex girlfriend fot me over a bad falling out we had after her parent's focused us apart. i then told my friend 1 hour later that it wasn't worth it too forget about trying to help fix our friendship and that if it was ment to be we would fix things ourselves. my hasn't really already Really talked to my ex often but my ex comes to her for advice. the only time my friend message me about my ex is when her mom died. which i reply thank you for telling me but she no longer apart of my life... your a good friend but don't speak to me about my ex anymore. that was over 2 year's ago i forget she was even friends with my ex on Facebook. like the title says she feels like she deceiving my ex. i told her she not and that if it stress her then too tell my ex girlfriend but i wanna see what you guys&girls think. is she deceiving my ex gf? she hasn't tried speaking to my ex girlfriend about me or getting her too broke up with her new boyfriend for me. the only thing my friend has done is giving my ex advice when she asked for it. other then that i have no idea what they talk about


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