What if you miss your ex girlfriend?

so its been two years since we broke up and we both gave each other our space and talked a little less, I found out she got a boyfriend but then they broke up but now I think that I'm having feelings for her again. what should I do or is it even a good idea to even tell her?


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  • I would try to hang out with her and try to be yourself.. see how she acts.. if she's flirty, etc. you should have an idea what her body language and words mean while you are hanging out, if you think she is probably acting like she did when you originally got together , then I say you straight out tell her what's going on.. Tell her you would like to give things another chance.. you don't need to rush into to telling her, but just wait till you get the feeling she's feeling you.. another option.. you could always go in for the kiss if she seems to be feeling you like you are.. if that moment comes possible.. go for it, it is a sure way to bring the question up.. And her reaction will definitely tell you something.. if she seems somewhat happy then she most likely was thinking about you like this also, if not.. if she seems to be confused, push you away, or maybe even rude, then I'd say she probably isn't wanting to try it again.. and If that happens I'd just act like it's not that big of a deal, say not like we haven't kissed before.. come on, don't be so serious so she hopefully will just relax some about it.. Never know what could happen.. Good luck either way though..

    • Well we just started talking and we seem to get along as if we never stoped talking and at times she would tell me why dnt you come and say hi to me and I would go but at the same time I get the feeling she wants nothing.. wow I never really thought about going for the kiss, I always thought it would freak her out like straight out and should just leave but she dose lean her head on my shoulder when we went to the movies...i get really confused

    • Well, it sounds like she's at least still somewhat feeling the same way, otherwise she would not lean her head on your shoulder.. And, it's possible she may freak about the kiss.. but you will know at that point that it's not cool and how she feels.. or maybe the opposite

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