Should I take get back together with my exgirlfriend?

So it's been 6 months since i broke up with my exgirlfriend and we originally broke up because she'd spent 3 months in another country where our communication had broken down and she had gotten really depressed and dependent upon me. She basically made me her everything and when she came back things were really hard and fell apart because she was suffocating me and really depressed and it all just disintegrated.

Since then we've both advanced and changed, both maturer. We both are doing different things now in life and also both know how to handle relationships a little better (we were both each others first partners ever).

But we've both considered getting back together since and we sexted and it was really good and like the old days but better and we both have potential for feelings.

WOuld it be stupid to get back together? Does it ever work out? Would it be better to try and fail or live with the question of whether to do it or not forever?
I typo'd i meant "should i get back together"


Most Helpful Guy

  • yeah just take her back. u guys were each others first loves. and u guys crossed paths again for a reason

    • But what if the fact we were first loves is blinding us and we'll end up repeating old habits

    • I don't think u guys will repeat old habits. if u two really liked each other. u wouldn't wanna repeat old habits. cos u guys would wanna stay together.

Most Helpful Girl

  • Everyone deserves a second chance


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