What should I do?

i like this guy who know that I like him (I think), but he acts normal and my friend told me that she thinks he likes someone else.

  • Ignore him
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  • Be friends with him (answer:how?)
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  • Just be my usual self around him
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  • Continue the flirt
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  • Confess that I like him
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  • I always go for the direct approach. Look what I think is you should just tell him. Get it off your chest. If you're friends then it won't be so bad, and things will only get weird if you let them get weird. So don't let them. I

    f you tell him you like him he may start to see something in you, or maybe he likes you but he hasn't told anybody, maybe he'll rethink things, who knows. But If you tell him at least it will be over with and good or bad you can move on. If he goes for it, then congratulations on your new boyfriend and if he doesn't and he rejects you, it isn't that bad. Why? Because at least then you can move on, at least then he knows, and who knows, maybe someday he might come around. But in the mean time you just continue being yourself, you continue being his friend, you can still occasionally flirt with him if that's who you are whatever. Things can still get better.

    i had a girl I told my feelings to. I told her I liked her and she told me she didn't feel the same way. I stayed her friend, and continued being who I was. I didn't change. I just lived my life, and I stayed her friend. I even dated someone else once for a time. Eventually though there came a day when we were hanging out in my place and we ran out of things to do and I threw up my hands and said "Well, I'm out of ideas,how bout you?", and she then said to me "How about I tell you something I've been trying to find the courage to say all week.". From there she told me she had feelings for me and that she wanted to date me. We hugged, kissed and we've been dating since then. Three years now.

    The point is you can always try. It may not work out right away, but maybe someday maybe it will. Even if it doesn't at least he knows, and at least you got it off your chest and took a chance.

    I voted E. Go for it. Good luck.

    • I'm checking back on a lot of my old answers like I usually do. I wanted to do a follow up to see if what I told you was at all helpful to you. So did my advice help?

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