Is my ex trying to get me back?

Broke up because our relationship was becoming long distance however i found myself losing myself. Went no contact for 5 months. he then contacted my mom when she came back to my city. However, i took her off all my socials and blocked her number because while it was no contact i found out her ex was on 'holidays' in the same city as her and thought, nope. My mom asked her about the ex and her said she came with her friends for a holiday and he doesn't want him back. She then asked about me and if im single. My mom told her to chat to me. I then emailed her that i dont play games and im not getting involved with someone who is not over their ex. Without telling me, she has deleted him off his facebook and took all his family.

What do i do?
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  • Going back is generally a bad idea. But you have to be comfortable here


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