My ex won't look at me, and kept ranting about how amazing his life is?

My ex and I had an awesome friendship and relationship with mind blowing chemistry for six years, but with some serious arguments in between. He met some new people and started drinking smoking and hanging out more. We rekindled things and continued to have sex. Abruptly he jus stopped paying attention to me and ignoring me. When I asked why he told me he kissed a girl who was one of his seniors at work. That it meant nothing and he would never be with her, he's not going down that road with her and tht I am his priority, that he was sorry and he regretted everything. I forgave him but he still continued to withdraw from me. Things got really bad between us because i knew he was lying to me but he kept denying it. Two months later he finally said, the girl told him she was getting older and asked him if he wanted to be together and he fell into a relationship with her. That broke my heart into a million pieces. He wanted us to remain friends and got angry because I was resistant to that, saying some really mean things to me in the process. Why should I sit back and watch someone I love love someone else? I told him we've known each other for so long that I will always love and support him from afar and I cut all contact after that. We have the same friends and two months later they wanted to meet up for lunch. I accepted knowing he would be there because I felt fine seeing him. The entire time he folded his hands, turned his body away from me, couldn't look me in the eye directly at all and talked incessantly about how much money he is making and all these parties he is going to. Somehow the topic of a girlfriend came up and that was the only time he looked directly at my face to see a reaction and didn't even admit he had one. Why does someone who I have known for so long act that way towards me?


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  • That's terrible, I'm sorry. Maybe from distance, and overtime some closure can help. It doesn't hurt to be friends after as long as you spend some time getting over it first. But in a way, he was quick to exit the thing you guys had so he may have been over it for a long time which sucks.

    If you don't wanna be friends-fine, but if the dilemma is that you run in the same circles, just keep it casual. At first, its gonna be tough but you will eventually move on and find someone new who genuinely gives a f* about you.

  • First I think he was honest and just kept you as a booty call after you guys broke up that was your mistake right then how do you spect to be taken seriously when you are just having sex with this guy who obviously was using you, you can't blame him tho he told you from the beginning, you guys broke off now just take it a grown woman let him have his amazing life and move on


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