Have you ever told a ex your never speaking to them agin and ment it? and why is my ex being so childish?

so a friend of my felt like some how she was tricking my ex because they were friends so told her we were friends and she wanted to try fixing things between us 2 years ago. I don't know why my friend even felt like that when i told her 2 years ago not to speak to my ex about me and that if we are ment to be friends we will fix it ourselves. tbh i forget she was even friends with my ex girlfriend because she never talks to me about my ex and i don't ask. my ex told our friend that she's never talking to me again something she told me 2 year's ago.
why is she still letting something that happened 2 years ago effect her? mind you i wasn't even a bad boyfriend or friend. i was always their for her as a friend and treat her very will more so then she treated me but she let her parent's kill our 7 year friendship all Because they didn't like me. other then her parents we had almost no problems other then the fact she kept trying to change me to get her parents to like me and blame me for our relationship problems when it was no joke all her parent's felt. she was my first love and tbh i hoped in the future maybe we could be friends agin but i don't believe that will happen ever. 3 weeks ago i walked into my ex at kmart and she kept looking at me.. which give me alil hope we could be friend's agin. we both have moved on and are in happy relationship as far as i known.


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