Guys: if you dumped your ex girlfriend, what are some reasons you would get in touch with her?

my ex boyfriend dumped me over a year ago, we have been in touch a little bit since, but not so much recently. he has recently gotten in touch with me again, and ideas? how can I try and tell what he wants? booty call or rekindle?


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  • Whatever the reason is, just be nice if you choose to entertain it.

    Try not to think so much about it (I know it's hard and if he dumped you and you may still have some feelings for him). If you try to predict or layout expectations as to what his "motive" is. We usually set ourselves up for disappointments this way. Just be happy and chipper when you talk to him and just think why the break up occurred and how you were when the break up happened. If it has taken a long time to get over him and you feel that this open communication now will take you back down that road, then maybe you shouldn't speak to him about "your past". There is no shame in talking to your ex as long as you can control your emotions and are not attracted to him. However, if you still are attracted to him, this can be very dangerous if he wants to "come back". Please remember that if you make it easy for him to come back, it'll be just as easy for him to leave...again.

    Good luck to you.


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  • Booty call

    Wanting to get back together

    Wanting to make sure you're not still mad


    Whatever the reason, you can usually be sure it's selfish.

    • Why would someone care if their ex was mad?

  • Off the top of my head there would be two most-likely (simple) scenarios:

    1) Hindsight being 20/20, he is looking back on what he had and realizing it was better than his current situation. The danger here is that once he has you back (theoretically) then the chase is over and he loses interest. You can't rule out that it would work out the second time though (just not very common in my experience).

    2) He wants you to see how "good" he is doing now. Hoping to elicit some jealousy. This would be more common if you dumped him. Its petty (but hey, I'm human), but I still like when my last serious Girlfriend before marriage sees how well I'm doing now. Human nature I think.


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