How to act when seeing your ex for the first time after a year? when ideally you want to get back together?

me and my ex broke up a year ago as it was bad timing

we ended on good terms but some things happened after it ended and we don't speak

will see him at a party over Christmas.. I'm so mad at him and i don't know how to act? but would love to get back with him?


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  • "Get the fuck away from me"


What Girls Said 1

  • If you're still mad at him then ignore him, DO NOT talk to him unless he approaches you first, but still keep your distance, you don't know what he's been up too this last year, he might not even think about getting back with you as hard as it is to hear, but I'd say just ignore him and pretend he isn't there, have a good time and don't worry about him, I know it's hard but try


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