GUYS- would you do this?

Lets say you're breaking up with your girlfriend who is super sweet, kind, decent looking, etc, only because you need time to "figure yourself out" and your really not ready for a relationship, if she was holding on to your hand, telling you not to leave her, why would you leave? And not even look back ;( Im so heartbroken at this...


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  • that's a bullshit reason and he just didn't want to tell you the real reason because you can just as easily figure yourself out while in a relationship as long as you have a supportive partner

    • I'm confused... we rarely argued, only had a few disagreements because our relationship was starting to leave the "honeymoon phase"

    • he just might not be in love with you and the new feeling wore off

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  • forget about him. he's not with it.


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  • That was probably not the real reason.


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