Am I really crazy?

So my ex and I broke up about 3 months ago and we were together for 6 months, but officially together for 3 months. at the beginning of talking stage, he would reply quick and talk to me all night long. then once we were in the relationship, he didn't reply as fast or as much as in the beginning.

recently I found out that he hates me and can't stand to see me and the thought of me makes him sick. he broke up with me because I'm too crazy and he doesn't think he was goals enough for me.

he calls me crazy because of how I would act when he would take so long to respond or wouldn't reply. but don't I have a right to get mad? when we first started to talk, he replied quickly and now in the relationship, he doesn't reply. why do guys think that it's okay? Put in all the effort at first, then once the girl is yours, you slack off.

(sorry if the paragraphs is all over the place)


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  • I think once a relationship happens with some people
    it can be guys or girls but they tend to either get bored
    with a person or they no longer give a shit about us i
    know it happens. No your not crazy i think you deserve
    much better than what you had. Once i love a girl my
    love doesn't get worn out i like to keep the fires burning
    with my love for a girl.


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  • You not even crazy girl!! He's just not willing to put in the same efforts instead of getting mad get even find someone new and more worthy of your time. Maybe take a look at your close guy friends see who can handle you at your worst because that's the one who deserves you at your best 💟🙏 and if not any of your friends get out there and mingle :)) I know that's kind of hard these days but don't go into it thinking relationships just look for a friendship or a connection. You got this everyone's Prince Charming is out there


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  • He has a job, he has other people that he talks to in person, he has priorities, studies, can't text and drive, can't text and do the hobbies at the same time usually, can't text with 40 pound dumbells in each hand, is every day life considered into this or are you talking about when he is alone in bed?

    Alone in bed then he might be talking to someone else, or your conversation just isn't very interesting to him so he played games.

    First one your crazy, second one you deserve better.

  • He could be gaslighting you, but then again you haven't really given enough info for us to know if you're crazy or not.

  • Stop being so needy


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