Have you ever needed "time apart" from someone that you say you don't want to be apart from, but feel like it needs to happen?

My ex and I broke up 5 months ago, and recently he told me he wanted to get back together with me and that he was still in love with me, so we've been talking about maybe fixing thins between us. when he "announced" this his ex girlfriend from before me found out and she kinda went crazy and has been throwing herself all over him and tagging him in inappropriate facebook posts even though he has told her they're just friends, but apparently she thought he broke up with me because he missed her or some stupid thing like that. he tells me he pushes her away, and that if he bugs her too much to stop everything she's doing that she'll only get worse, but I don't know. Because of her and the things she's been doing, things between him and I have blown up because everything she does bothers me and I can't take it, and he won't ask her to stop "because she'll just get worse, I know her" and for some reason he would rather "take time apart" from me then block her out. He said he thinks we need Time apart until the situation simmers down, but that he still wants to fix things with me. He wished me good luck on a pretty big thing that I'm doing in 5 months.. but does that mean he's not planning on talking to me until a while after that or what do you think? I should add that I told him to not bother trying to talk to me again unless he got rid of his ex or got her under control and got her to stop acting like that because I can't take it. I really don't know what's going to happen. I'm scared he'll never talk to me again.


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  • Yaaaaaaaaaaaas

    My current SO... I need a two day break from him like every two months lol

    • I wish it was just a two day break, but I really don't know how long he's gone for.., it's scary haha

    • The longest break I took from him was three weeks. Like he's just so stubborn so when I get the feeling to punch him in the nuts, I take a break instead lol.

    • Even if it's three weeks I'm okay with that, I'm just worried it's going to be like 4months.. it seems weird to me that he'd wish me good luck on something that's so far in the future if he plans on talking to me before that event happens.. gah this sucks

  • ya with my fiance many times I feel we need space but I don't say on his face as being a female men expects always to be a sweet talker

  • Currently right now, my boyfriend broke up with me because he's stressed with school, family, and himself. He says he wants space and time to calm down. I feel like it's my fault but he tells me it isn't. I feel confused and don't know what to do. I'm unsure what's too little space or too much. I'm scared of the same things you're currently afraid of.
    He claims we'll probably be back together but doesn't know how long it'll be.
    I try not to talk to him by muting my phone, but it's really hard. We've been together for almost two years and never fight
    So just like you hun, I'm confused🙁

    • Well it's good to know I'm not alone 😔 it's only been a couple days and I miss him so much. It drives me nuts knowing his ex girlfriend gets to keep in contact with him, but he needs to push me away to get her under control., it sucks haha

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