How do I let her know I like her?

I like this girl, and I want her to know I like her. But I don't want to straight up tell her. What kind of hints can I give her to let her know?


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  • Here's a hint you can give her: "What begins with "I" and ends with, "like you?""

    Honestly, hints can drive a girl batty, especially if you get nervous and back off temporarily, giving off mixed signals. Hints that aren't placed exactly right can come off as game-playing, which might turn her off of you.

    The direct approach, while having the greatest risk, also has the least amount of unintended damage.

    • Thanks for your comment =)

      On your first point, the key word is "bratty". The teasing is meant to be light-hearted and fun. It's definitely not meant to play with her emotions or lead her on. If it's done in a flirty way (again, "bratty" suggests this), she won't see him as just a harmless brother or "friend." Girls, as far as I've learned, respond well to guys who take risks conversationally, and in so doing show confidence.

    • Also--and this is coming from a guy who HATES the "chase"--if the girl doesn't like him, she can always turn down his date request, or stop his advances at any point. And I will concede that the direct approach can be good sometimes, but since he asked specifically how to avoid being so direct, the pointers I gave have helped a lot of "nice guys" get more dates and better responses from girls.

    • I didn't intend for you to get so riled up. I did state that I agreed with most of your post. I only explained with what I took exception to, based on my own experience, just like you're advice comes from your own. I didn't mean for you to take it personally.

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  • -Playfully tease her and banter with her. Treat her like your "bratty little sister", and don't be afraid to say some of the "meaner" things that come to mind. Bust on her like you would with a good guy friend. Girls usually respond well and have fun with this. It shows that you're confident and unafraid of her, which makes girls attracted to you.

    -Smile every now and then, but not constantly. Smile especially when you're teasing her so she knows it's not just meanness. But don't smile all the time--let there be a little tension. It's a good thing.

    -After the "fun" stuff, then comes the "deep" stuff. When you have her engaged and smiling (from the playful teasing, etc.), then it's time to "connect" with her. Ask her questions about the things she does and likes, and share a little info about yourself at the same time. At this point, it's like having a good conversation with a good friend.

    -When you get on the subject of an activity you and her might have fun doing together, ask her out to do that specific thing. It can be as simple as a coffee date or seeing an exhibit at a museum. Physical activity, like walking, running, jogging, biking, etc. are good too--physical activity kicks a girl's hormones and emotions into high gear and she'll associate good feelings with you. In most cases, avoid first-dates like movies (where you can't talk much) or dinners (where you can end up talking TOO much).

    -On the date, if she smiles and looks you in the eyes a lot, don't be afraid to touch her (in friendly ways, like on the shoulder), take her hand, or kiss her. Pushing past the nerves and doing it, when you sense the time is right, is always better than not doing it.

    A summary of flirting moves you can try:


    -Strong, but not too strong, eye contact (look away every now and then, so that she feels comfortable)

    -Teasing her

    -Asking her questions and showing that you're interested in who she is

    If she likes you, she'll respond in kind to those flirting moves and accept the date. Best of luck.

    • Also, I just want to say that you're on the right track by NOT just telling her straight-up "I like you." Girls like a mystery and a challenge, and when they KNOW you like them, a lot of the time that "getting-to-know-this-guy" mystery is all gone, and so is the attraction. Doing the above will keep her guessing a little, and will make HER want to attract YOU. So let HER do some of the work of trying to attract you. Girls want to be able to "earn" your affection. Best of luck.

    • I agree with most of your post, execpt the "bratty sister" bit, and the comment. If you treat a girl like a sister, she's going to be flattered--and treat you like a brother. As for the mystery-bit, I will concede that some girls do enjoy the chase (like some guys) but if the girl you're interested isn't usually interested in chasing or playing games, don't mess around.

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