My boyfriend is gradually not talking to me as much and is not acting like he always used to, is he gonna break up soon or is he falling out of love?

i did ask many times if something was going on and he says its all good
I'm always the one who has to initiate everything now... the i love you or even the outing and chats
should i break up i want him to be happy...


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  • I don't think that. You should ask him clearly. What he feels and what is wrong with him. Maybe he is really busy with his works or might be in any trouble. maybe mentally depressed. You should ask him clearly about it.

    • i asked, its because of things that happen to me that he's worried and is stressed 24/7

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    • im not gonna say, but he worried of that issue

    • well if It is a serious matter then it is not wrong. He will be worried about it

  • Falling out of love probably

    • should i break up with him?

    • If you want to be with him tell him that you want him to take you out some where otherwise just find someone else that will pay attention to you.

    • no i don't want him to do that i just want him to even say something sweet and not inmate it

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  • Someone or thing is keeping him occupied. As him should you guys break up. Get to the point and stop wasting your time.


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